How To Paint A Faux Marble Finish On A Concrete Or Cement Floor

Painting a marble pattern on cement or concrete is cost effective but time consuming. It offers an elegant look at a fraction of the price of real marble. The project is exhausting even for an experienced artist. First practice on canvas or paper. Use marble samples or images to influence your work.


  1. Sweep concrete or concrete residue. Clean it with a sponge, water and soap. Wait until it dries. Check to see if there is any debris left before painting.
  2. Paint a base of latex paint on concrete or cement. Paint thin layers and pairs; this may require several layers. Paint thin layers of base until there is a solid surface.
  3. Choose the color scheme to paint your marble from a sample of real marble. Apply wide and separated samples of the darker color. Paint “veins” of marble in lighter tones by connecting the wide samples of dark paint. Paint thin white veins perpendicular to the veins of light tones, so that you create a spider-like design. Apply varnish to seal paint.

Tips & Warnings

  • Base your painting on a marble sample. There are many nuances and designs; be sure of what you want before you start painting.
  • Depending on the appearance of the marble, you may need to apply a sponge on the paint in some areas to get the effect you want.
  • Always apply the base in a ventilated area or outside. If you open the doors and windows and have fans on the go and still not enough, wear a respirator or a mask.