How to use acrylic paint techniques to mix colors

Mix several colors with paint acrylic is much more difficult compared to the paintings of oil due to faster drying time. Acrylic paints dry due to water that evaporates in them, while oil paintings must really be oxidized before curing. With acrylic paint you have only a few minutes to mix the colors on the canvas before they begin to dry. You can achieve a fusion of colors with the acrylic paint, either using means of elongation in the painting, or working quickly and with special techniques to mix the colors.


  1. Apply one of the colors in a small area of ​​a well-sealed canvas with plaster. Use thick strokes and apply the paint freely. This will create an opaque color patch on the canvas.
  2. Apply the second color to the canvas in the same way immediately. Any hesitation will allow the paint to dry and the fusing effects will not work properly.
  3. Use a third soft, dry and clean broach to combine the two paint colors in the area where they were applied. Move the brush quickly without hesitation. Do not press the surface, instead use one side of the brush to lightly touch the paint on the canvas.

Tips & Warnings

  • If the paint begins to dry before achieving the desired look, use a fine water spray to keep moisture on the surface that will extend the working time by five to eight minutes.