Ideas for painting ceiling moldings

The ceiling moldings add an elegant touch to the top of the walls and is a gem that is not always found in many modern homes. If you are painting an environment that has ceiling moldings, it can be difficult to decide what color to use to get this touch. The colors you choose depend entirely on you. Before painting, consider the theme of the room, as well as the size of walls and ceilings.

Match the walls

When you have low ceilings easy to feel claustrophobic. Painting the ceiling molding the same color as your walls will make the ceiling look taller. Painting the molding in this way offers an optical illusion that extends the length of the walls. This is especially a good idea if you are painting the walls and ceiling in two very different colors.

Combine the roof

As well as painting the molding of the color of the walls, if the pints of the color of the ceiling will make the whole environment look bigger. It offers an optical illusion that shows that the ceiling is higher. Paint your molding the same color as your ceiling if the environment in question is smaller and does not have much space.

Contrasting colors

Perhaps you have chosen contrasting touches of colors for aspects like the door trim and the window. In this case, paint the ceiling molding in this color. This will tie the contrasting color of the floor to the ceiling and will look especially good if you have also painted the wood paneling in a contrasting color. For example, perhaps you painted the walls in a deep red and the molding of your window in a neutral beige. Bring this color also to the ceiling molding.

Be creative

Although painting the molding to match your ceiling, walls or fixtures is a practical approach, you can be more creative with your paint color options. Choose a color that is completely different from any of the other paint colors you are using; although this can unite the colors of your furniture. A sparkle of bright pink will bring your gaze to the ceiling. You can also use faux finishes and even stamped paint designs to add extravagance to the molding of your ceiling.