Ideas for painting faces in pumpkins

Painting faces in pumpkins can be as creative as you carve and paint is easier and more secure. This activity offers possibilities for design almost endless, from colors multiple to intricate details. Start with a clean, dry pumpkin and use any type of craft paint for the project.

Extraterrestrial pumpkin

Give your Halloween decoration a spin of science fiction with a pumpkin painted with the face of an alien. Paint the entire pumpkin with light green paint to create the appearance of an alien’s skin. For a classic extraterrestrial face, paint two long black ovals for the alien’s eyes and a small, horizontal black line for his mouth. Or, paint a large oval white eye outlined in black with a red pupil and a red mouth grunting with white fangs to create a terrifying alien face.

Classic pumpkin

Children can paint classic faces that are typically carved into a pumpkin. He paints black triangular eyes, a triangular black nose and a black oval mouth “screaming” to get a classic face; or paint a silly pumpkin with an eye that is a black circle, a “winking” eye that is a semi-circle, a nose that is a pink triangle and a mouth that is a black semi-circle full of white teeth.

Clown pumpkin

A pumpkin with a cheerful clown face can be a colorful decoration for the festivities. It covers the pumpkin with white paint to achieve the basic clown skin and paints red paint spirals on top of the pumpkin to make clowns red hair. Decorate the area around the eyes with a yellow triangle painted next to one eye and a blue square next to the other. Paint a long red line to create the smiling clown mouth and a green flower on the right cheek of the clown.

Pumpkin doll

Stay away from the frightening themes and create a face painted on a pumpkin with a wrist design. Paint a black line around large white oval eyes. Paint three small eyelashes on the outer corner of each eye and dark blue or brown dots to create the pupils of the eyes. Paint a red dot for the nose of the wrist, two light pink circles for her cheeks and a dark pink line on the underside of the face of the wrist to make a smiling mouth.

Pirate pumpkin

Children and adults can paint faces of pirates on pumpkins to create a crew of pumpkin pirates. Paints patches of black eyes above the left eye of the pumpkin and a black ribbon around his head. Paint a white eye with a black outline and a pupil on the right side of the face. He paints a big grunting mouth with a black paint outline. Uses white paint to form scattered teeth in the mouth, with large black parts to indicate where teeth are missing.

Vampire pumpkin

Add some bloody fun to an ordinary pumpkin with a painting of a vampire’s face. Paint thick black lines to form eyebrows are “V” shaped over almond-shaped eyes with red vampire pupils. Paint a horizontal, thick, right and black line for the vampire’s mouth and white triangles that come out from under the mouth for fangs. Apply red paint spots to represent drops of blood falling from the vampire’s mouth to his chin.