Ideas to paint faces of demons to little ones

Paint the face a little girl is a simple way to make a traditional devil costume unique. No matter that she is a friendly, silly or scary demon, the paint on the face help accentuate her personality and will make the complete costume more entertaining. When creating the design for painting the face, note the details appropriate for age, for example, devilish smile.

The same demon

If your children wants to be a big bad devil like the one in the stories, then she accents the dark details. She uses a light red shade as the base for her entire face and emphasizes the somber cheeks with black lines beneath her cheekbones. He paints a black goat’s beard on the tip of his chin. Use black eyeliner to exaggerate the size of your nostrils by drawing large rounded circles on the bottom of the nose. Color the space between your eyes and your eyebrows with black and tilt the top of your eyebrows up.

The devil in disguise

If you have a small daughter, turn it into a demon disguised as a little girl and avoid painting your whole face beautifying your features. He delineates his lips with black lipstick and draws a black triangle over his nose to resemble a ruined skeleton. Make her eyebrows thick and dark with an eyeliner pencil. Complete the costume with red and curved horns above your forehead.

Spectacular horns

The devil’s horns are his best feature. Concentrate on painting elaborate horns that start just above the eye and go to the tip of the hairline. Make them curved so it looks like they come out of the ears. Color them bright red and delineate them with thick black lines. Draw tiny yellow or white stars on the horns to give them a little more grace; also make stars that match their cheeks. Leave the rest of your face free of makeup and pull your hair back with a red ribbon or a pointed ponytail on the tip of your head.