Ideas to paint the face of a leopard

With their graphics and colorful markings, leopards are a very sought-after animal to paint on the face. To get the design that suits you, consider modifying the typical elements like color and place for a design that you can use for young and old faces. Leopard marks can be painted on the face and combined with a disguise for maximum leopard experience.

Color Ideas

Traditionally the leopard colors (orange, brown, white, beige, bronze or black) will create the authentic leopard look for the face suitable for any pattern. Or, you can go further and choose wild colors like pink, blue, green or orange. Start with a colorful base and apply stains and sideburns to the base. Bright colors are what young boys like. Suggesting extravagant colors can make a child frustrated by the long wait in line to paint.

Forms and location

If you are creating a leopard costume and you have enough time to make the face with paint, you can cover all your face and neck. However, if your time is limited, you have to paint many faces or you have to deal with small children, you will prefer to have a way to quickly get the idea of ‚Äč‚Äčleopard in the least possible time. Choose a shape (it does not have to be a strict mold, but choose it depending on the area you work with). Ideas include a band across the eyes, an area around them and piercing the bridge of the nose or cheeks with a leopard nose.


Work with the skin tone of the individual you are painting and pinch it with watercolors. Use a sponge to quickly cover the area by giving touches of paint and mixing it at the same time. Another idea is to get a stamp with the shape of the leopard stain for a quick and simple application. Change the color of the spots by adding brown and black variations on the seal and gently press it on the skin. Add details with a brush or pencil for nose, sideburns and fangs.

Other ideas

Paint the entire face in the color of your choice and draw a design of leopard spots to cover the forehead and around the face near the ears. This app works well for teenagers and anyone who wants their face to shine with leopard paint. Experiment with textures by giving touches, dots, swirls and splashes of paint over your face for a different look each time or to find your own technique of leopard faces.