Orthodontic micro screws

The microtornillos, also called micro implants, are very small screws, we refer to screws of a thickness that varies between 1.4 mm and 2.0 mm in thickness and between 6 mm and 12 mm in length.

The microtornillos changed the orthodontics radically allowing to realize dental movements that formerly could not be done or were very difficult to realize. This means finishing the treatment in less time and having more control when moving groups of teeth.

While some patients may have certain fears, very understandable, before the placement of the microtronillos, comfort for the patient improves dramatically thanks to the microtornillos during the year / year and a half of treatment. Formerly to get certain movements and perform orthodontics were placed in the mouth large and very uncomfortable on the palate and on the inside bothering to talk, to swallow, accumulated dirt and were very difficult to clean. Today all this has gone down in history.

As in everything there are many brands and varieties of microtornillos. But basically there are the oldest micro screws that required a small incision (cut) in the gum and then could be placed through a small hole previously prepared. And those that are used today, microtornillos in which the placement has become a very simple procedure that lasts approximately 30 seconds thanks to the so-called self-drilling microtornillos and autoroscantes. This means that there is no need to make any incisions or holes prior to placement. The same screw is equipped with an active part that allows this type of placement.