Orthodontics and pediatric dentistry


It consists of the placement of fixed or removable appliances to correct dental malpositions in children or adults. In adults we can opt for a more aesthetic type of orthodontics.

Orthodontics with metallic bracket

It is the conventional bracket placed in the front of the tooth.

Invisible Orthodontics Invisible

Orthodontics is an alternative to traditional braces. It can treat a large number of orthodontic problems more comfortably and aesthetically. It is a set of transparent splints, which placed progressively, moving the teeth to their correct position.


Orthodontics In lingual orthodontics the brackets are placed on the inside of the tooth. The final result is the same as that of conventional orthodontics with the obvious aesthetic advantage.

Pediatric Dentistry

It is the dental treatment in children whose objectives will be focused on getting good communication with the child and their parents, obtaining information about the child’s dental and medical history, exploring and taking x-rays if necessary, explaining to the child and their parents the objectives therapeutic and carry out a simple operative procedure.