Orthodontics for adults, the most comfortable option

Although some adults have qualms when it comes to undergoing orthodontics, orthodontics for adults is highly recommended as a more comfortable and less invasive option than other treatments.

Obviously, the aesthetic factor often prevails in the choice of orthodontics, but it must also be clear that a healthy and well aligned dentition helps to improve the functioning of the mouth since it avoids problems such as jaw tensions or accelerated wear of the teeth.

What types of orthodontics for adults are there?

For adults there are different types of invisible, fixed or aesthetic orthodontics in order to improve the bad position of the teeth and recover functionality.

Fixed orthodontics with metal braces.  Manufactured with high quality stainless steel, these metal brackets are the most widespread and economical. It is a modern orthodontics that helps to correct the bad position.

Orthodontics with aesthetic fixed appliances. This type of orthodontics incorporates esthetic porcelain braces. The duration of treatment is 24 months.

Fixed orthodontics with aesthetic sapphire brackets .This orthodontic treatment includes fixed appliances and sapphire brackets, which are hardly noticeable once placed. Like porcelain, they are designed to harmonize with the natural color of a tooth enamel. Sapphire brackets are the highest quality aesthetic brackets because they are completely transparent and do not stain. The treatment usually lasts 12 to 24 months.

Fixed orthodontics with Quad-Helix. It is an interceptive orthodontics with a Quaid-Helix device, which has an orthopedic effect for the upper arch for approximately 6 months.

Invisible orthodontics .The most modern and revolutionary of orthodontics. Use practically invisible and removable aligners that are made to measure for each patient. Nobody will notice that you carry devices.

How old can an adult orthodontics be?

More and more adults are deciding to undergo orthodontic treatments. Although as we get older orthodontics is more infrequent, specialists say they can be performed at any age. It is only necessary to take into account two basic aspects: that they are indicated, either for reasons of oral health or for aesthetic reasons, and that the necessary requirements are met in order to make the correction. In fact, between 40 and 50 years, some dental imbalances that until then were hidden and that advice orthodontics begin to manifest as it brings advantages to our life.

What is the duration of an orthodontics in adults?

Keep in mind that orthodontics in adults is different than in children. Bones no longer have a chance to grow and some teeth may have been lost. Also influences the fact that there have been previous treatments such as crowns or implants. Therefore, returning the teeth to their natural position can have a longer duration.

The standard duration of orthodontics in adults is between 12 and 24 months, depending on the degree of the bad position of the teeth and the oral state.

The price of orthodontics in adults

The price of orthodontics varies depending on the type chosen and the quality and condition of the brackets. Without going any further, the modern invisible orthodontics can cost up to 8,000 euros.

If you are thinking about opting for orthodontics, do not hesitate to contact us. We have at your disposal the most competitive orthodontic prices in the best centers of your city. Do not think about it anymore and smile happily!