Orthodontics for adults

Orthodontics, defined by the Society of Orthodontics as a “dental specialty that studies, prevents and corrects developmental alterations, the dental arches and the position of the jaws, in order to restore the morphological balance and functional of the mouth and face, also improving facial aesthetics, has become very popular treatment not only in childhood, but is becoming more common in adults.

Orthodontics in adults presents different characteristics to orthodontics in children. In adulthood orthodontics can be more complicated, the bones no longer grow, there can be lost teeth or even the bone that supports the teeth. Moving your teeth may be slower than in children’s dentistry.

Orthodontics for adults is increasingly in demand. More adults decide to improve their smile and their bite with orthodontic treatments and the main reason for this is to improve their dental aesthetics, since many people do not want to be seen with the known metal brackets or the duration of orthodontic treatment they are too long along with the discomfort they generate.

Orthodontics improves your quality of life not only aesthetically, but also improve the bite and avoid jaw tensions, excessive wear of the teeth, etc., which can cause complications in the future.

The innovation in dentistry has different orthodontic treatments, which also work perfectly with the demands of dental aesthetics that many adults want.

The prices of aesthetic orthodontic treatments are relatively higher due to the advances and technology used, but it is certainly the choice of many adults.


Lingual orthodontics. They are braces that are placed on the inside of the teeth, are ultrathin to prevent discomfort and is one of the most advanced orthodontics that exist.

The invisible orthodontics. It works without braces, inveigling is a removable splint that is removed only for eating or brushing teeth, it is very comfortable and totally aesthetic.